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Pastor Leo Robinson Sr. is an accomplished preacher and gifted administrator who was born and raised in Archer, FL. He was called into the ministry in November 1995 and has been a strong and passionate servant of the Lord ever since. In March of 2000, he was appointed to pastor Chiefland Church of God. The name then changed to Power House Faith & Praise Church of God.

After serving there for two and half years, Pastor Robinson was moved to pastor Gainesville Church of God in 2003. After faithfully serving the Church of God Organization for ten years, God called Pastor Robinson to move forward to start an independent ministry and is the founder of the New PowerHouse Family Worship Center INC. Pastor Robinson completed ministry training through Church of God by Faith. Pastor Robinson also received his Bishop certification through the Church of God.  

Pastor Robinson has been married to Susette D. Robinson for 37 years. He is the father of four kids.



Co-Pastor Susette Robinson is a wonderful Woman of God. She is a teacher, preacher and walks in the office of a prophetess. She is a wife, mother, co-pastor, leader and just an all around beautiful, graceful woman, who is not ashamed of the gospel. Co-pastor Robinson has a women's ministry named "Rain". God has mandated Co-Pastor Robinson to help hurting women with low self-esteem and women of faith to identify who they are in Christ. Co-Pastor Robinson has been married to Bishop Leo Robinson for 37 years and they have four children.

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